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Tiny pieces and shreds of leaves decompose faster than whole leaves.

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Question: Tiny pieces and shreds of leaves decompose faster than whole leaves.
Top Answer (92% of 139 votes): True.

Answer: True
Explanation: Indeed. Whole leaves can actually cause damage to a yard due to the lack of sunlight getting to the covered turf.
Joseph Lawn Care
Answer: True
Explanation: It is easier to mulch leaves so they decompose easier they also act as a natural fertilizer
Answer: True
Explanation: The smaller the leaves are the quicker they will decompose.
Gregory Landscaping
Answer: True
Explanation: Anything decomposes faster when broken down into smaller pieces
Roop's Lawn Services, LLC
Answer: True
Explanation: Yes, because they are already more "broken-down".
Henningsen Property Maintenance LLC
Answer: True
Explanation: They die faster and the earth can do it's course much faster.
Mom's Cleaning LLC
Answer: True
Explanation: Decomposition is the process of breaking leaves down into the dirt to form a healthy topsoil. Mulching helps this process get a head start.
ARMowing Maintenance
Answer: True
Explanation: They are broke down and easier to decompose and the whole leaves just maintain its shape and takes longer to be broken down.
M&G Lawncare
Answer: True
Explanation: Tiny pieces break down faster and feed the lawn
KM Mowing & Leaf Removal
Answer: True
Explanation: This also reduce smothering grass.
Metro Mow N Go
Answer: True
Explanation: mulching puts it back into the soil and is better for the grass
chesapeake bay landscaping
Answer: True
Explanation: all ways
Selena's Landscape, design & Tree Service, LLC
Answer: True
Explanation: As the shredded leaves decompose, they will act as a natural fertilizer and weed control agent.
Florida Landscape & Lawn Care, LLC
Answer: True
Explanation: Being mulched and shredded easy for leaves to break down and they tend to keep certain weeds like dandy lions.
Rick and Rondas Landscapes
Answer: True
Explanation: Smaller pieces of organic matter generally break down more quickly than large pieces.
Purtell Lawncare
Answer: True
Explanation: They also make a great lawn fertilizer as well as a great mulch for winterizing flowerbeds or gardens.
KIncaid's Landscaping & Lawn Care
Answer: True
Explanation: Bc they are broke down like compost
EJs Lawncare
Answer: True
Explanation: Think of decomposition like a hot pocket in the microwave. The outside is burning hot where the middles is still frozen. By cutting the hot pocket in smaller sections it will cook quicker. The same is true for decomposition, smaller pieces will breakdown and decompose quicker than if left whole.
Blue Lotus Landscaping
Answer: True
Explanation: if properly mixed with other types of vegetation. dry leaves compose slowly on own regardless of size, but a good mix of watery organics speeds the process
SG Landscape and Outdoors
Answer: Not sure
Explanation: I think there is no differences
Webster's Lawn care
Answer: True
Explanation: Yep.
Custom Cuts Lawn Care
Answer: True
Explanation: They tend to decompose faster
Ideal Lawns
Answer: True
Explanation: Mulching or shredding leaves speeds up the breakdown cycle of the decomposition process.
Lawn Frogs Landscaping
Answer: True
Explanation: More contact area for decomposition and absorption..taking our mulch one step closer to compost.
Associated Services
Answer: False
Explanation: False.
Culver Property Preservation
Answer: True
Explanation: Small shreds break down easier and smaller bugs and work there magic on the decomposition
C & R Mowing LLC
Answer: True
Explanation: The finer you can mulch your leaves the better. Most mulching will grind the leafs to dust letting it decompose and return to the soil much faster.
GrassHoppers Lawn Enforcement LLC
Answer: True
Explanation: Less to breakdown
TJB-INC Landscape & Drainage Contractor
Answer: True
Explanation: Smaller organic matter will decompose faster than larger pieces.
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