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Leaf Raking vs. Leaf Blowing

It is very important to remove leaves from your lawn before the onset of winter. There are many different opinions about what works best and what takes less time. The information below is provided to help you make your own informed decision.

Leaf Raking

The Good:

• Environmentally friendly

• Relatively quiet

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• Very affordable

• No maintenance or operating costs

• Good exercise

• Precision, can navigate obstacles

• Can help aerate lawn

The Bad:

• Labor intensive

• Time consuming

• Rake quality can vary greatly

The Bottom Line:

Raking leaves can be a lot of work. If you’re up for the challenge and have the time to spare, raking leaves is economical and practical. Rakes can move leaves precisely and efficiently. However, a few hours of raking can leave you sore for days. You can eliminate the bothersome blisters and back pain altogether by enlisting the help of a professional leaf removal service.

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Leaf Blowing

The Good:

• Requires less effort

• Helps save time

• More powerful

• No blisters or back pain

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The Bad:

• Does not address thatch layer

• More expensive equipment

• Propels allergens and dust particles into the air

• Less control over where leaves end up

• Additional operating and maintenance costs

• Some blowers can be heavy

• Very noisy

• Exhaust emissions

The Bottom Line:

If you have a bad back and raking is just out of the question, leaf blowing is a great alternative. Although a leaf blower is more expensive than a rake, it can save time and effort when used effectively. Some leaf blowers are incredibly loud, which may bother neighbors and violate noise ordinances.

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