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Using a Leaf Tarp: Pros & Cons

Removing Leaves with a Tarp

Collecting leaves in a tarp is a very practical and affordable option Once leaves have been piled on the tarp, they can easily be transported to another area or bundled to be hauled away.

The Good:

- Easy to move leaves

- Tarps are inexpensive

- Tarp can be reused each year

- Avoid bagging leaves

- Get Matched to Leaf Removal Services

- Tarps come in a variety of sizes

- Can easily drag leaves to the street for public vacuuming

- Effortlessly dump leaves in the woods

The Bad:

- Still have to rake or blow leaves onto the tarp

- Leaves can blow away

- Leaves may need to be hauled away

The Bottom Line:

Raking or blowing leaves onto a tarp can save time and money. Tarps come in a variety of shapes and sizes that will work for any amount of leaves. The tarp should be placed in an area close to where the leaves will ultimately end up. Some come with built-in grommets or handles that allow for easy transport. There are several ways to use a tarp for leaf removal:

1. You can collect the leaves on a tarp and pull them into the woods. The leaves will decompose and replenish the soil’s nutrients.

2. You can collect the leaves on a tarp and drag them to the street for public vacuuming provided by your city or town.

3. You can collect the leaves on the trap and then bag leaves from this central location. Plastic and paper bags are available. The paper bags are biodegradable, but they cannot typically hold as much as plastic bags. Also, you should avoid getting the paper bags wet as they will become soggy and break.

4. You can collect leaves on the tarp and then roll up the tarp. Then, you can tie up the tarp with rope and a large amount of leaves can be hauled away easily.

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